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"I read the reviews, which was wonderful. I started getting the laser hair removal services and Shirin made us feel very easy and comfortable and cozy, then I felt bringing in my daughter. I am also getting the eyelash extension services here to and Anita is so wonderful. She makes it perfect."

- Kelly K.

"I was interested in doing laser hair removal therapy so I won't have to shave my legs for my volleyball season in the winter time. I expected it to hurt a lot more, but actually it wasn't that bad."

Amaris K.

"I didn't know what to expect from the 'Laser hair removal' Therapy, but she made me feel comfortable and relaxing and not much pain."

Jennifer S.

"This Laser Therapy really helped my acne and lowered the amount of my hair growth."

Annabel S.

"I came to Solaris Laser and Skin Care Center for laser hair removal treatments. I have been to 15 sessions of hair removal [...] and wanted to see improvements, with other vendors I never did. When I finally came to 'Solaris Laser and Skin Care', after a few sessions, I actually started seeing reduced hair growth in specific areas and some areas with no hair at all."

- Jay K.

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